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HID versus Stock

HID Bulbs increase peripheral visibility up to 70% more than halogen bulbs and provide up to 3x more illuminated coverage than stock lighting.

Our Slim Ballast vs. Theirs

HID Kits are easy to install, even for the most novice of mechanics. And our super slim ballasts can fit easily in any cruiser, sportbike or even scooter.

HID Aesthetic

Want real Bling? A HID Kit can enhance the look of any bike. Brighten up the life of your bike with a new HID Kit from

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Provided by the Motor Vehicle Lighting Council

Motorcycle Headlights HID Kit Headlights HIDs Conversion Xenon Bulbs HID Kits. If you're looking to improve the coverage of the, be easily during night time traffic and add a cool new look to your bike, Motorcycle HIDs are exactly what you need! Here at, we've put together high performance HID kits for just about every motorcycle you can imagine. And we several options to choose from too! We offer HID kits for motorcycles that range from 3000k HIDs to 12000k HIDS - Now, that's some serious discharge! You can use our light simulator to determine what the best look is for your bike.

If you're sick of stock looking Motorcycle Headlights every time you turn around, consider swapping out the OEM Motorcycle bulbs for new Motorcycle HID headlights. The benefits from HID motorcycle bulbs aren't simple in the increased visibility, but they HID bulbs for motorcycles last longer too. Paired up with Motorcycle LED lights, Motorcycle conversion kits really do give your bike a distinct look cruising down the highway at night. Motorcycle headlight bulbs are notorious for burning out over time, even turning yellow (and not in a good way) before they completely go. Motorcycle xenon bulbs last up to 10x longer than traditional halogen Motorcycle bulbs!

If you want a new look and feel for your bike and appreciate functional upgrades too, Motorcycle HID kits are exactly what you need. You'll experience improved road coverage at night and noticeably different color in Motorcycle headlights. All of our motorcycle HID conversion kits are simple to install and come with complete instructions on how to do the job right. Motorcycle tail lights are an important part of the completed look too, but you're in trouble if you can see where you're going! Upgrade your bike today to the state of the art technology with Motorcycle HID bulbs! We have complete HID kits for BMW motorcycles all the way to Honda CBR HID kits to Hayabusa HID kits. Whatever the bike may be, we've got a motorcycle HID kit ready for you!

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