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Bimota DB7 HID Xenon Lights
Bimota DB7 HID Xenon Lights
Bimota DB7 HID Kit

Night time won't be an issue after you have installed your Bimota DB7 HID bulbs. This is because a Bimota DB7 HID kit is going to help improve the forward visibility of your bike and keep you much safer. Because your bike is meant to be driven fast, these Bimota DB7 HIDs are made to shine farther out in front of your ride to enhance your view. You will also find that a Bimota DB7 aftermarket HID kit from us is easier to install than some of the other competitors. This is due in part because we are the only site to offer the patented Bimota DB7 slim HID ballast. Find out just how great your bike can be by installing your very own HID kit for Bimota DB7 today.

DB7 motorcycle HIDs improve your visibility and set your bike apart. New DB7 HIDs are one of the best upgrades you can make. Instantly increase the performance and functionality with one simple upgrades, Bimota DB7 HIDs!

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