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The choice has always been there for you, but we are the only site that has the gall to bring the price on motorcycle HIDs down this low. Why have we done this? It comes down to a couple of things. The first is that motorcycle HID kits, like the ones we sell, are going to give your bike a striking new look at night, and the second is that your safety and security will also be vastly improved.

The great look that these lights will help your bike achieve are all based on the temperature of the bulbs that you install. Everything from a yellow OEM type of HID bulb, up to the 12000K purple bulb is right here on our site. The only thing that you have to worry about when selecting your new bulbs are what sort of appearance you want to give off. The most popular choice that we have are the 6000K HID bulbs. They are a bright bluish-white that is a step above the OEM bulbs that you have now and will make the road and all hazards out there stand out much easier. And this brings us to why these cycle HID lights will help improve your safety. The brightness of the bulb, combined with the unique looks that something like the 8000K will give your bike, are going to make it easier for you to see the road at night. Of course, other drivers won't miss you either, and that will ensure that they don't run into you.

Having the luxury of choosing the color of light your headlight emits, gives you more flexibility and allows you to keep your styling and color themes consistent throughout the customization process of your entire ride.

(*) Denotes most popular lighting

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